Allow us to give you the comfort you need.

We designed our services to meet the different needs of our patients. We understand how difficult it is for individuals facing terminal illness to cope with their condition, much more to their family members who will soon be left behind. That is why we provide our most genuine care and support to our patients and their loved ones in this trying time. Each of our patients is allowed to stay in the comfort of their chosen place together with their families. They will be able to receive the right amount of care and support they deserve to undergo a comfortable and smooth transition to departure. There will be a collaboration between our multidisciplinary team of professionals and the individuals, families, and communities we serve for the highest standards of care.

Who Qualifies for Hospice Care?

  • Individuals who live within our geographical service area
  • Those who have a terminal diagnosis with a prognosis of six (6) months or less if the illness runs its course

Together with your family, allow us to give your loved ones the comfort that they need. Centered Care Hospice & Palliative, LLC is CHAP accredited.

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