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At Centered Care Hospice & Palliative, LLC, we offer interdisciplinary therapy services to address the varying conditions of our patients. Our therapy services include:

Physical Therapy

We provide therapeutic activities to help patients manage their pain and make them feel as comfortable as possible. These include range of motion exercises, gait and balance training, and more. Our physical therapists help patients maximize their functional ability and comfort, enhance their quality of life, ensure their safety, and provide genuine support around physical issues at the end of life.

Occupational Therapy

Through the use of daily living activities, we promote the participation of our patients in meaningful life activities to foster their independence and self-reliance amid the debilitating consequences of their illness. Our occupational therapists use a client-centered approach to evaluate the needs of our patients in their occupational roles. Through this, our OTs will be able to identify their current potential abilities and the barriers to engaging in occupations.

Speech Therapy

Our speech-language pathologists strive to address speech, swallowing, and cognitive-communication skills disorders of our clients to help them spend the rest of their days with their families and friends more meaningful and memorable. By determining the safest diet and making prompt adjustments as the disease progresses, our SLPs can help patients learn swallowing compensatory strategies and teach the patient’s family members about the safe feeding assistance techniques they can perform. Aside from that, our SLPs promote effective communication among patients, their family members, and other healthcare providers so they can immediately address their concerns about pain, discomfort, medical treatment, and emotional status, among others.

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